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a nugglet is the same as nugget
but a little less harsh!
'stupid nugglet!'
by me May 06, 2004
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A small kernel-sized piece of hydroponic weed that is approximately the size of half a raisin. Typically enough for a single hit.
Say David... Smoke this last NUGGLET... I don't want to be riding dirty
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Small, round clumps of fresh dog feces (poop) that are produced by small/medium sized dogs. They will range in size from that of a marble to at least that of an Asian man's erect penis.
I took my chihuahua Tito Dick out for a walk in the cul-de-sac, and halfway through he dropped like five smelly nugglets all over my shoes.

During my vacation in africa, I saw a dung beetle roll a jackal nugglet around in the Serengeti. It turned me on.
by gamera June 07, 2017
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