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1. (slang) Nuts, balls, testicles; most commonly used when referring to receiving an impact to the nuts; short for nuggets (n.)
Oof! Ohhh, right in the nuggs.
by P'tainz April 6, 2011
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Short for nugget, in reference to marijuana buds. Can be used to refer to any quality bud, but is usually only used when talking about high-quality marijuana.
I just bought a bag of fat nuggs.
by peterpan June 24, 2004
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an adorable human being; an individual that is pure and chivalrous; can be used to describe an attractive or visually pleasing person.
Awww... he's such a nugg.
by Manon Blackbeak December 11, 2017
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also known as a friend/homie or just so you dont have to drop the "n" bomb
that fool right there, tony, hes my nugg
by tommy wipfli May 5, 2004
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Short for nugget.

A large lump of excrement.
See also nugglet.
I just dropped the steamiest nugg; it fully stretched my ring-piece
by Mark ^_^ August 18, 2005
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1. A hairstyle characterized by straight combed hair between ear and shoulder length.
He sported brown cordoroy trousers and a daunting nugg atop his head.
by Anonymous April 6, 2003
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slang word for prostate, a walnut-shaped organ which can be digitally stimulated through the wall of the male rectum, about 3" inside, probably derived from the word "nugget"
Oh, fuck . . . that's it . . . find my nugg, buddy ! (women can also find it, if they can be persuaded)
by David Charles June 21, 2004
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