Word used to describe when a nublet dies.
by Puchi December 9, 2004
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a tricky player who is essantially a hustler...semms sucky at first, then proceeds to pwn all
"what a nuble.."
"never mind"
"he's an uber nublet"
by 1337munkii November 12, 2007
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Every one knows what a noob is well a nub is a noobier noob to a nublet in training is the lowest form of noob. ( basically there are not even good enought to be a Nublet )

Nooblet in training
Nublet in training <<<< That how far down it is on the noob scale !
He is such a noob, She is even nubier. But that guy over there is such a noobie nub he is a nublet in training.
by SuperSymo June 9, 2009
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A noob who sucks at something such as counter-strike or any fps's or various games
"Omg that kids a friggin nub"

"What a friggin nublet please just uninstall and throw r comp down the eifel tower"

"Ken hassels such a FRIGGIN NUB!"
by Gyeagyea December 1, 2006
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The lowest on the chain of nubs. Use only on nubs that think they are elite.
Halo 2 Nub: lyke omg, i soo pwn3d j00!!1 lolololol
Halo 2 Pro: stfu, you baby chicken nublet
by sagger August 8, 2006
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What a high-level character in an MMO game such as World of Warcraft says when his low-level friend is picked off by a lucky shot from another high-level character or NPC.

Also a World of Warcraft guild on at least one server.
OMG that dingo stole me nublet!

(Character Name)
<Dingo Stole Me Nublet>
by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force September 10, 2006
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