A sex act in which two guys are giving it to a girl, one from behind and one in the mouth and they exchange a high-five over her, so it looks like the eifel tower.
Dude, she's a total whore, she's been Eifel Towered
by Binford August 13, 2003
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Extension of the wobbly h where the two guys give each other a high-five above the girl. Bonus points give if the bitch is a French foreign exchange student (clean shaven only, hairy chicks are gross).
Greg and Jeff got Kristen drunk and talked her into a wobbly h. They were so happy they slapped hands and formed the eifel tower. Then the arm wrestling began.
by The Greg July 8, 2004
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Amber, in the tree house, involving cypher and brent
yoooo, you gotta see that brent has of the eifel tower.
by tiner April 24, 2004
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A Three-some between two males && One female.,
Where one male inserts his male jiggly bits into her mouth
while the other inserts his genitals into her backdoor.,
Then the males hi-5 eachother., thus creating the eifel tower effect.
"duuuuuude., eifel towering that chick last night just brought us so much closer.. i think i love you man"

"eifeil Towering is my fantasy, whats yours?"
by Pippee` Long stockings September 22, 2009
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a sex act in which one girl is sitting on a guy's face and another on his dick and the two girls high- five each other. Widely considered to be the greatest thing ever. see eifel tower
"Steve got double-teamed by two hot girls last nite."
" Yea they reverse eifel towered him"
by Chief Logbook September 12, 2006
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3 people in a tree. one gives head. one sits there. and one sticks it in behind
Me and them eifel towered last night bro!
by crazybeans November 12, 2019
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