Being a nublet is in training to be a Nub which is in training to be a Noob.

Long way to go if you're called a nublet. XD
Kazraga:Your such a nublet dont you know shamans own all?
Bushybeard: Wahh!?
by Kazraga January 26, 2006
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LilbanditK is a nublet. He thinks he's good but hes not. He also got teamkilled by Vintage and -=Infimis=- with RPGS on crossroads. Damn owned.
by Vintage - Socom name bitches February 23, 2005
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One who takes being a Noob, Nub, Newb, or Nublet to a whole new level. Someone who dies repeatedly in a video game, until they leave in an angry uproar.
Man that kid is such a nublet potpie.
by 13375p34k April 1, 2009
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The act of simultaneously being hairy AND a nublet, ultimately resulting in the lowest of all lowly insults for gamers and or any other forms of life.
"Dude, Bobby, you hairy nublet, what did i tell you about making sweet sweet love to watermelons?"
by JMoneyMillionaire June 16, 2008
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A word that is used to say that you are a noob and you are also a chicken. Mostly noobs that are snipers. Also if someone quits at the end of the game because they lost they are defined as chicken nublets
Dude that sniper sucks, hes a chicken nublet!
by Orrin Oliver March 1, 2008
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Street slang for the stump left after the removal of a finger or toe with a cigar cutter.

Historically, this was popularized by the crime family of sicillian-born Santo Trafficante, Sr. in the Tampa bay area during the mid 20th century.

Modern day street gangs in the Tampa Bay area continue the practice against rival gang members, though the use of a cigar-cutter may or may not be used, as a matter of personal choice in style.

The term is a play off of the "Tampa Nugget", a popular local cigar.
"Punk ran his mouth too much, so they gave him a Tampa Nublet."
by Midas M. April 9, 2008
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