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A nublet is someone who was so unfortunate to get pwned by a nub {who got pwned by a nooblet (who got pwned by a noob)}
Mind you he/she was spamming the chat room (hmm, looks like toilet mouth, insults, and ad links :) ) instead of paying attention to the nub he was fighting.
nublet: ROFLMAO <censored> nub <censored>!!!!
nublet: <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored>!!!!
nublet: url://
NUBLET has DIED!!! 1 exp earned!
nub: haha u got pwned! but im still a nub ;(
by FyarBall January 26, 2008
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Basically 3 meanings-
1)an inferior munchkin who has no friends and is shit at wateva game or wateva
2)guy the fly
3)chicken nugget from maccy d's
1)omfg roflcopter lol lmao tis an inferior nublet
2)guy shutup you nublet
3)mmmmmm- demms is some good chicken nublets

pronounced- nu-b-lett
by weeabix May 10, 2005
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One who is easily toyed with; a gimp; a n00b
"Sean is a nublet." Thats is saying Sean is a person who is easily toyed with.
by Him March 8, 2005
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the pronounceashun that u gotta put for "nub". a small piece of meat. A small or young nub.
by Dr. Pwn May 17, 2003
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A portmanteau of the words nublet and musketeer. A nubleteer is a nublet that wears the title proudly and/or has no desire to graduate from nubdom.

Nubleteers can typically be seen engaging in their favorite nublet-related activities with other nublets.
"Anna, you are such a nubleteer!"
by Carrionkind November 11, 2011
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a nublet is someone/something that has not yet reached nub status
OMG. YOU'RE SUCH A NUBLET. not even a nub yet. no. you are just a little nublet!
by icecreamsandwich August 11, 2010
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1. Half small pig half small noob
2. A term used by greg to describe someone he just owned
STFU you stupid nublet I just owned your face!
by Hunter April 29, 2003
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