The sexual act performed under the circumstances when everything seems to being going well, but then the condom breaks and you blow the game.....right inside of her.
I'm nervous, i pulled a tony romo last night.
by footballsexnamer August 20, 2010
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To drop something
To mess up horribly
To make the biggest fuck up of your life
To be overrated
To be a guy who has fans that thinks he is the savior of their team, yet he hasn't started for a full season yet........
Don't Tony Romo the ball.
Don't Tony Romo the baby.
I had an affair with my wife and now she is going to divorce me. Well, at least I'm not Tony Romo.
I just found out I had cancer, but at least I'm not Tony Romo.
by Ryan "Cecil" November 4, 2007
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Tony Romo is the current QB for the Dallas Cowboys. Took over for Drew Bledsoe in Week 8 and took them to the Playoffs.
Also known for botching a late game winning field goal attempt vs the Seattle Seahawks.

Friend: Man I would of won 200 bucks if that Tony Romo didn't choke big time last night!

Me: Holding the football for a Field Goal is so easy........ a caveman can do it!
by CGamble January 8, 2007
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Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980, in San Diego, California) is the current starting quarterback for the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys. He took over for Drew Bledsoe in week 8 of 2006 season.
Tony Romo just threw a touchdown pass to Terrell Owens
by SPURSROCK184 November 10, 2006
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An overrated QB who has tiny, weird looking ears. Everyone gets on his nuts like he's a future HOF despite the fact he's blown in it in the playoffs twice now.

Even with his fucked up looking face, he somehow attracts gorgeous women like Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, and others. Because of this, he is making pro football into another celebrity obsessed TV show.
"Dude, Tony Romo is the man. Go Cowboys!"

"Psh, if you were a real football fan you'd know Tony Romo is a complete retard who thinks he's the shit and chokes under pressure."
by ERAU Nigga January 14, 2008
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See: unreliable

(verb): To drop something.

(noun): An incredibly popular and loveable quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Previously a backup for Drew Bledsoe, he isn't an exceptionally skilled QB, but he gets the job done. You can't possibly hate him. He started 8 regular season games in 2006 and helped bring Dallas to yet another NFC Wildcard game.
Al Michaels: "...and Tony Romo throws another touchdown!"
John Madden: "He just goes 'boom,' and you know what I'm saying? That's how (muffled sounds afterwards)."

Student: "Aargh! I just Tony Romoed my lunch tray! It might have been greased..."
by Jon Goodrum February 9, 2007
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for one man to penetrate another man anally and perform fellatio on him at the same time.
Steve: Man, did you see Billy Tony Romo the hell out of Brandon yesterday?

Jake: Why yes I did see that, what a hideous display of homosexuality.
by Malbojia April 7, 2010
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