It's a sighin ass word that means cool or dank
A car is going 107 mph and hits a giant pile of dirt and then does a flip in the air and hits a deer.
"Thats some COMP ass shit right there!"
by Dan ricky p May 21, 2008
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Term used in the gaming (gambling) industry to describe gratuities given to frequent gamblers or high-rollers. Trunication of "complimentary" and often used as a verb.
Harry's uncle got comped a steak dinner at Harrah's after winning at Craps.
by Unidyne September 18, 2004
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Short for "complementary." Used in the media business to refer to the lists you get on in order to receive free magazines and swag. Can be used to refer to getting other things--like drinks--for free as well.
"Dude, the crowd must've thought I played a great set last night at the bar--I got comped mad drinks."
by xoJessicaox June 29, 2006
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Short for computer. Can be a laptop or desk top.
Damn, my comp is screwed.
by Mel February 25, 2003
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As in comp time. When a unionized worker get compensated with time off for extra time worked. Usually granted by managment when they don't want to pay for overtime.
Martha is offering comp time instead of overtime.
by Phakebox August 8, 2005
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Steal something. Casinos will comp gamblers if they spend a lot of money in the casino. Instead of that, you just comp yourself something. Anything.
by futureworld May 4, 2009
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1. Computer
2. Competition
3. Free stuff actors and actresses get
1. Jeremy... anyone wanna hang out? says: Do you have windows live msn?

Eric (L)Katie(L) says: no, not on this comp

2. Hilary: Are you entering comp this year?
Natasha: No, last year is was WAY to stressful.

3. I wish I got comps for just being ME!
by loserssayWHAT April 1, 2007
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