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(n.) A combination of an apology and a dismissal. Basically, saying "oh yeah, I did that, but I don't care".

Persons of an older generation can find this quite annoying to hear when expecting an actual apology.
"Hey, you spilled my Coke all over me!"

"Oh. My bad."

by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force November 16, 2004

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The earliest time of the morning. About the time when all the sparrows get up and let out a little fart signifying their awakening.
I gotta get up this morning at sparrow's fart. What a raid.

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(n) Cone-shaped life form, often orange but occasionally green and very rarely fluoro yellow. Often gathers with similar species around construction sites. Different species of cones are rarely found intermixed with one another.

Species range from very small (sidewalk, 20cm high by 15cm wide) to regular (city, 40cm high by 25cm wide) to huge (highway, 1m high by 45cm wide)

Often the victims of "coneing" (v), a non-competitive team sport where the participants collect large numbers of cones and store them for later use.

Anti-coneing (v) is the opposite action. Usually constituted by coneing off an unpopular person or persons' driveway or street, or simply using cones as crude projectile weapons thrown from moving vehicles.

Anti-coneing is often accompanied by shooting paintballs from slingshots at random targets (usually white vans or 4x4's), and general delinquency.
"Let's go coneing!"

"How did you fit that highway cone in your car?"
"I managed, but it was a raid."

A: "We should anti-cone John's house!"
B: "What about Pam's?"
A: "She's next."
by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force September 15, 2004

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What a high-level character in an MMO game such as World of Warcraft says when his low-level friend is picked off by a lucky shot from another high-level character or NPC.

Also a World of Warcraft guild on at least one server.
OMG that dingo stole me nublet!

(Character Name)
<Dingo Stole Me Nublet>
by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force September 09, 2006

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Re-Evil (v.): When a person returns an evil favour, as revenge. Only valid when the original action was malicious in intent.
If you code something evil into a program, say for example, a nasty trick that formats your harddrive as a copy-protection measure, chances are a hacker will discover it and re-evil you.

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1. (n) when something disagreeable happens to a person, it is a raid.

2. (v) to raid a person is to continually annoy that person.

3. (v) to raid an object is to take excessive amounts of it when it is clearly far too much.
1. "When the power went out I had to reset all my clocks. What a raid."

2. "He raided me. He wouldn't shut up about when he beat me at Halo."

3. "Alright, who raided the peanut butter? It was half-full 5 minutes ago! What a raid!"
by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force September 15, 2004

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