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A prefix applied to various styles of music since the mid or late 1990s. Especially found in "nu-metal" and "nu-rock": KoRn, Staind, Linkin Park and Disturbed are examples.
From a phonetic/perverted spelling of "new".
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
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Pete: I'm going to throw your c.d.s out the window if you don't shut up!!
Self: Nu! Nu Pete, dun do it!

(Also see dun for definition.)
by Kaylahh July 29, 2006
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Alt spelling of new.

On the internet it became a meme when it was attached to a specific genre of music, i.e. nu metal. Nu, in it's more specialized meaning, denotes the re-envisioning of some art (music, film, fiction, etc.) with specific attention to pop-culture references and image as part of the creative process and the whole package.
Korn, Limp Biscuit, System of a Down and Slipnot are all bands that play nu metal.

Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller and Takashi Miike are all auteurs of nu in film.
by iAreLied December 25, 2009
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Derived for Yiddish: meanng "So?"
"Are you there? Nu?"

"What do you think of the Idea? Nu?"
by ericberic4 November 28, 2006
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Means "And You" in texts.
Boy: Hey wazzup?

Girl: Not much, n u?
by Yung Ness June 13, 2010
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Coolest mofos on Chrono Trigger. You can do everything from buy stuff from 'em to fight 'em for experience points.
"All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ... at least for now."
-"The Mystery of Life" Vol. 841 Ch. 26
by d-Mack May 02, 2004
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the condensed form of "no u" - the ultimate form of comeback jutsu. not even the sharingan can beat this.
"ur mum orphan"
by aut2 May 27, 2018
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