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An intellectually inferior specimen often found in large herds, or parliaments, on street corners swigging cider or other cheap, alcoholic beverages accross Newcastle and the North East. Can be identified by horizontally striped (hooped) jumper, burbery cap and obscenely overpriced Rockport boots. Are racist, homophobic, and fearful of any person or persons with an intellect surpassing that of a pencil. Express fear and feelings of inadequacy through violent outbursts, normally aimed at innocent passers by. Favourite pastimes consist of drinking cider, smoking, harassing members of the public, taking drugs, shoplifting, signing on, and burning cars. Thay have a limited vocabulary which mainly consists of phrases somewhere along the lines of:- "Lend,s a taaaab", "Got ennie Shnout" and "Hu the FUCK you lucking at". Particularly inarticulate. Highest concerntrations can be found inhabitting the council estates of Newcastle. When left to their own devices, they breed.
Fucking charva bastards!
by Fisher September 22, 2003
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Small sized breasts
Most women are unhappy if they have ninnies
by Fisher March 23, 2004
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To be in a state of deep concentration, perplexed, unconscious
James was zoned out for hours while playing illusions of the mind
by Fisher October 15, 2003
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A political system whereby the educated (rich) can expoit the uneducated (poor) to satisfy their own greed and lust for power. A system where a persons role in society is determined by the class he or she is born into. THIS IS MY MAIN PROBLEM WITH CAPITALISM. It is a natural progression from a dynastical system of government i.e from monarchy to the Bushes and Murdochs. Power and influence remains in the hands of the few ruling families. Relies on the ideas of social Darwinism, whereby corperations and nations behave like animals, competing with each other for resources (sound familiar?), and the fittest (or most ruthless and inhuman). The inevitable conclusion is that billions live in poverty while the lucky few live like kings. This new form of aristocrat treats those supposedly below him in the social heirarchy with disdain. Those with principals and compassion are ridiculed and treated as pariahs. With no central control or direction this will inevitably result in the squandering of the earths natural resources and the end of civilisaiton, unless a new, more efficient, fairer system is introduced. This is not communism (State controlled capitalism), and it is not anarchy. Capitalism cannot be sustained for much longer, although it did have one positive effect on humanity, modernisation through industrialisation. But its purpose has been fulfilled, the capitalists have to step aside and give the rest of us a go.
by Fisher September 24, 2003
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An abbreviation of the word Translator and the callsign of a mediocre gamer know by few and loved by less.
"Jeez XLR8R why do you always get owned in every game"
by Fisher March 28, 2005
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Fags on customcivics.com
The Original rice liar and weapon x
by Fisher May 12, 2004
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Female private part... Vagina
A brazilian is necessary before wearing a nu-nu suit.
by Fisher March 23, 2004
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