"Bouncer boasted that."
by noixz January 15, 2009
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To gloat or brag about something
He was boasting about his fly girlfriend.
by Orbital July 18, 2005
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Someone attempting to hide their dumbassness by repeatedly lauding their one and only (generally small) victory to their friends or a random crowd of strangers, depending on who is handy.
Ted: I slept with Rebecca Stillworth and it was freaking amazing! We did it like eight times and I think I made her cum twice that cuz I'm so talented. Seriously, she even told me that they should make a statue of my penis.

James: I wish Ted would stop boasting about that.

Kevin: I know right? It happened like ten years ago.

Steve: You'd think he'd have something else to talk about by now.

Kyle: Dumbass.

*They all nod in agreement, except Ted who continues with his boasting, oblivious to his friends' disgruntlement*
by TalaDentro April 9, 2011
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To brag about something; to show off.
The girls in school like to boast about being popular.
by speechless10 January 2, 2010
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A fat kid who says the word bro a lot and thinks he’s just big boned and muscular. Typically plays sports, but acts lazy in doing so. Will push kids out of the way in the hall way to get to class. Often loves deep dish pizza and baked beans.
“Bro! I’m better than you!” Screamed Boast.

Some kid pushed me out of the way to get to class today, so he must be a Boast.
by Patriot77🇺🇸 February 19, 2019
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Comes from the combination of the words "bonus" and "toast." Legend says the word was first uttered at the discovery of an unexpected extra piece of toast. Today, it is commonly used as 1) an exclamation of excitement; 2) as an adjective toward the cause of the unexpected emotion; or 3) as a direct noun, Bonus Toast.
1. "Wait, Obama is president? You mean we finally got a black man as president? Boast!"

2. "That shit was boast when the guest performer came onstage."
by BlackELKer June 24, 2009
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Burnt toast, to boast is to burn your toast or be presented with burnt toast by another.
Dude: Hey man thats some burnt toast

Brian Badonde: BOOOO Boast!!!
by samisamazing June 3, 2011
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