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Verb. To be in a situation where bodily fluids, typically but not necessarily semen, are in urgent need of cleaning up.
"He's got three stacks of Playboys in his room? Man. He's gonna need some tissues."

"Fuckin hell dude, I'm coming down with that killer cold that's been going around. I'm really gonna need some tissues."
by Danny Delinquent December 14, 2003
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A very short unit of time. Analogous to about a day in one of those flat, boring, rural states in the middle of the country.
"Dude, you better move fast, that shit is gonna get snapped up in a New York minute."
by Danny Delinquent December 14, 2003
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An exasperating social condition. Archetypically, the sufferer is a straight male with lots of female friends, but who cannot get a date or get laid to save his life. This is because every woman he meets, he befriends, and then when he tries to advance out of the 'friend zone' into 'boyfriend territory', he gets a speech to the effect of "I can't sleep with you, you're such a good friend, I don't want to risk our friendship". Typically, the rejecting female friend will then date/fuck other men who are total douchebags, then bitch and moan about them at length to their platonic male friends. Chances are, most of these platonic male friends are either gay, or straight and secretly furious that that mongoloid cracker homunculus fuck gets to fuck her, when he is clearly inferior in every way.
"I have lots of hot female friends, and none of them like me 'that way'. I have nice guy syndrome and I'm not even all that nice."
by Danny Delinquent December 30, 2004
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To not do anything of particular significance. Can range from running miscellaneous errands around town to doing household chores to freestyle loafing.
"Hey, what are you up to?"

"Oh, just knifin around."
by Danny Delinquent March 4, 2004
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"You can catch me on the west coast, with a fly ass stripper tied to my bed posts, lookin like Alicia Keyes on her knees, lickin <i>the bag</i>, just for a freeze" - The Transplants
by Danny Delinquent July 14, 2004
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Anything particularly outrageous, absurd, or scandalous. Usually accompanied by a wave of a limp wrist, and used as follows.
"Oh Jackie, you are the living end!"

Meaning: "Oh Jackie, you are so outrageous!"
by Danny Delinquent December 30, 2004
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A considerable level of tightness, but about two ranks below that of a tiger.
"Holy shit dude, did you see Kill Bill? It was tight like a fuckin tiger!"

"Naw. It wasn't THAT great. It was tight like an ocelot, sure, but not like a tiger."
by Danny Delinquent December 5, 2003
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