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Of questionable legality, like a scam, or questionable moral or structural integrity. Originally British.
"Ehhh, I dunno, that piece is pretty dodgy. It's all rusty, hasn't been used in a few decades, it might fall apart."

"Smuggling ganja out of Mendocino could get some tall dollars, but it's a dodgy scam, the cops proly bust people for that all the time."
by Danny Delinquent October 4, 2003
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A markedly unhip, mainstream, square individual. The kind of person who does what they're told, instead of what they WANT.
"That girl is so fucking straight, dude, it's awful."

"Naw. She looks straight but she's actually hella hardcore."
by Danny Delinquent March 22, 2004
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Pejorative nickname for the town of Rodeo, Contra Costa County, California. Probably best known for being hometown to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Obviously derived from the fact that it is a very boring suburb, where there isn't much to do other than fuck, smoke weed, and do meth.
"She's hella tight dude...."

"Yeah, but she's from Boredeo."

by Danny Delinquent March 4, 2004
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A vagina belonging to a woman of unreasonably high standards. Not necessarily stuck up, just having such demanding standards that no one meets them, and consequently the gold plating on her gap tarnishes because she never gets laid.
"You snotty cunt, you totally have a gold plated gap, no one is good enough to stick it. So don't bitch to me about how you need to get laid."

"Dude, don't even bother with her. She has a gold plated gap."
by Danny Delinquent December 23, 2003
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The act of shooting a living thing, usually a person, and sexually penetrating the bullet hole.
"What the fuck is up with this nigga, man? Bitch best step the fuck back befo' he get a Compton hole punch."
by Danny Delinquent November 3, 2006
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1) To fail to be funny, as in a stand up comic or SNL host.

2) A dangerous sport invented in New Zealand, which involves running into automotive traffic with the intention of forcing motorists to brake to avoid hitting you, the goal being to piss them off as much as possible without getting hurt.
1) "You're bombing, Luke (Perry)! I'm the only thing that's getting you laughs! The old Star Wars gag, Luke! You must use the Force to win the audience back!"

2) "We're gonna go hit the pubs and go out bombing!"
by Danny Delinquent March 5, 2004
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Adjective. Used to describe blatantly overprocessed vocals on recordings, or in a more general sense, as a disparaging description of any and all aspects of overproduced records. Refers to a popular pitch-correcting plugin for Pro Tools digital recording systems.
"Someone tell Britney her voice sounds like autotune."

"Dude, could they have compressed the rhythm guitar a little more? This sounds like autotune, man!"
by Danny Delinquent December 17, 2004
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