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A noticeably unhip, mainstream individual, a straight. Someone either ignorant or disinterested of underground subcultures. The antithesis of a hipster.
I like Lee, but she's a total square.
by Danny Delinquent March 22, 2004

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Of questionable legality, like a scam, or questionable moral or structural integrity. Originally British.
"Ehhh, I dunno, that piece is pretty dodgy. It's all rusty, hasn't been used in a few decades, it might fall apart."

"Smuggling ganja out of Mendocino could get some tall dollars, but it's a dodgy scam, the cops proly bust people for that all the time."
by Danny Delinquent October 04, 2003

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Someone greedy, of questionable honesty. A crook or con artist.
"Fuck you, you're not getting a penny from me, you shyster."
by Danny Delinquent December 13, 2003

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Verb. To ejaculate. Can also be used nonliterally to indicate excitement.
"Dude blew a load all over my fucking calculus homework!"

"Ohhhhhh shit, that is so tight I'm gonna blow a load."
by Danny Delinquent December 09, 2003

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Of dubious honesty; greedy, like a shyster.
They didn't give you your money back? That's hella shysty, dude.
by Danny Delinquent September 26, 2003

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The act of harassing, insulting, or physically hurting someone because you are secretly attracted to them, in the manner of a grade school boy pulling the pigtails of a girl he has a crush on.
Naw dude, she hella wants your cock. She was just pulling your pigtails when she said you're a thumbdick little bitch.
by Danny Delinquent August 08, 2003

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Anything particularly outrageous, absurd, or scandalous. Usually accompanied by a wave of a limp wrist, and used as follows.
"Oh Jackie, you are the living end!"

Meaning: "Oh Jackie, you are so outrageous!"
by Danny Delinquent December 29, 2003

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