A famous man, developer of Mojang. His company created Minecraft, Scrolls, and Cobalt.
I hear Notch is working on a new game!
by The_NameMaker January 30, 2015
A notch is a unit of measurement for sexual partners. Some people count anything more than kissing as a notch, and some people only consider sex as a notch. They are a count of how many people you have hooked up with, and not how many hook ups you have had.
That's nothing, after last weekend I'm at 23 notches.
by hipbones April 15, 2015
aka Markus Persson, the original creator of the popular video game Minecraft.
Holy cow, Notch just joined our server!!!!!111!!!11
by dibbylongshooott August 27, 2020
Notch: Another word for Jesus.
Anyone who play minecraft know him.
Hey look, notch joined our server!
by Oxysoft December 13, 2010
Something being of good quality. As in Top Notch
by luckymeister December 29, 2014
(Verb) To inadvertently DDoS attack a website due to sudden interest, often caused by a reccomendation from someone with many online followers or fans.

Coined on the 26th August 2011, when popular indie games developer Notch (Markus Persson) directed his 300,000 or so twitter followers to visit the website of Grimrock, another indie game, almost immediately crashing it.
Notch: Check out this awesome game! *trollface*

Me: Man, that website is gonna get Notched.
by TwelveNinetySix August 26, 2011