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(noun) An enormous, fatty enlargment of the abdomen, genital, and thigh region that morphs together to create the appearance of a bulbous ass on a persons front.

Male sufferers of front butt syndrome often have dickdo disease, while female sufferers can be known to have a condition called a gunt.
I saw a woman with a bad case of front butt, it looked as though she had stuffed a pillow down the front of her pants.
by R February 14, 2005

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believe it or not, in the Medieval ages when there was no Charmin, people would use a wooden stick to scrape away the feces after taking a dump. The stick would commonly be shared among people of the same household, or even the entire village.

the term "wrong end of the shit stick" was coined because if you were to take a dump at night, and needed to grab the "stick", you had a chance of grabbing the wrong end of it.
Jeb quickly reached over for the shit stick, but just realized he grabbed the wrong end of it; his hands now hwere sticky and foul.
by r October 03, 2004

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A dimaond encrusted chalis. Plastic ones available, though not for drinking.
If you drink from a plastic pimp cup you will die.
by R August 19, 2004

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Condition in which a man's stomach hangs out farther than his dick do.
That guy weighs 400 pounds, he must have a serious case of dickdo.
by R February 07, 2005

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keeps things healthy
stand up for your rights!
what we need
by R March 02, 2004

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A person who discrimiates based on age..usually an old dude or a dumb blonde
C: "Yo, check out I pierced my ear"
A: "Eww, you are old and that looks gay"
C: "Dude, you are such an ageist"
by R March 22, 2005

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Randomly guessing someone or something's password until you get it.
The cracker tried vainly to brute force his way in
by R December 12, 2004

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