The new proper way of saying "do it".
"Want to go to the mall?" "Yeah, let's do the thing"

"That idling car is just beggin to be stolen, I need to hurry up and do the thing before the owner comes back out"

by jeru411 March 6, 2007
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A phrase for shy people who want to talk about sex acts in public (or people who want to talk about sex at work without getting in trouble).
Girl: Soooo, did you do the thing with that girl from sales?
Dude: Which thing?
Girl: You know, the thing.
by KrW September 7, 2005
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Means to get things done. To do what needs to be done. Usually not in a sexual way.
'Can you do the things, Mark?'
'sigh, yeah, I'll get started on that project'
by ReallyKindaSorta August 28, 2020
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"hey paul Do a Thing" . Paul proceeds to stop what he's doing and pulls a extremely stupid face
by deano_m_ November 5, 2015
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To get sexually involved with someone but as a one time thing.
Girl: I'm not looking for a relationship
Boy:Let's just do a thing, no one has to know,
by Stellathedon June 19, 2017
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A response or command generally used to express one's approval for another's stated or implied plan of action.
Person 1: "Hey, man. I gotta go - someone is calling me"
Person 2: "No worries, do your thing."
by Taste These Mangerines February 7, 2019
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