refusing to accept, rejecting
I was not having any of her rumors that I was lying to them.
by The Return of Light Joker April 21, 2009
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Kid: Do you have any gum?
You: (checks, and does actually in fact have gum) No, sorry I don't have any gum.
by namer-of-names January 6, 2012
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When u have no cheese
Where’s my cheese I have none
I have no cheese
I don’t have any cheese
by Ye. Nan is amazing May 10, 2020
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do we have any lemons?; this phrase is a line inside the movie, paranormal activity. this movie was being watched by three friends. these friends are, sarrinah, ruba, and ava. it was quite funny because, although the movie was supposed to be scary, it was actually extremely comical. therefore, these three girls couldn't stop laughing at this one random scene, and decided to make it a longrunning joke.
girl 1: "hey, dO wE hAvE aNy lEmOns?"
girl 2: "haha! i don't know, do we?"
by ewdontcomehere May 4, 2020
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Whenever you hear "Does anyone have any questions?" after a long speech of zero value; you know you're dealing with a soulless corporate fuckwad.
by geekmalone November 5, 2020
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