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Catch-all term for all of the nonsensical bullshit spewed by business consultants and middle managers.
Speaker: As you can see from this diagram, an exponential ROI can be realized from our rapid adoption of this strategy.
Me: Fuck me. More 3D Colored Cubes from the boneheads downtown.
by geekmalone August 19, 2020
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An absolute certainty of one's own righteousnous, even in the face of facts that show that it is horribly wrong.
Young Liberals during the Trump era have a Nazi Certainty about them. They're sure that their violence and anti-establishment behavior is getting them a brighter tomorrow. But like Hitler's Nazis, these stupid little people are only tools for destructive leaders who will dispense of them the minute they aren't useful anymore.
by geekmalone March 18, 2020
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Usually around season four of any given TV series... LMATGAF.
by geekmalone September 16, 2020
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The little items that come along with the product you bought such as little cables, brushes, cords, adapters etc. You're not sure if you will need them later, so you keep them along with the box that the product came in. But you never use them. Badigity grows over time and can become dangerous if not controlled.
The Johnson household suffered from a severe case of badigity. Eventually a professional had to be called in to address the problem.
by geekmalone August 2, 2020
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The industry of service providers that allow adults to continue their vain high school lifestyles into adulthood.
Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest companies in The High School Vanity Continuation Industry. Who would have ever thought that a billion people wanted to continue high school bullshit into adulthood?
by geekmalone May 5, 2020
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Money given to county election boards by Mark Zuckerberg so he can control their elections.
Mike: Baby, we can finally buy that boat, and maybe even another car!
Jen: What have I told you about wasting our money on lotto tickets?
Mike: This isn't lotto. Down at the election board, we just received a $3M grant from The Center for Tech and Civic Life. Everybody is getting a big raise!

Jen: That's a Zuckerberg Grant...
Mike: The Twitter Guy? No this is a special organization for helping election boards. They provide free training and election administration.
Jen: Zuckerberg is the Facebook Guy. He's the money behind that organization. Aren't you suspicious about a billionaire buying his way into the election process?
Mike: Yeah maybe, but we're finally gonna get that boat we've wanted!
Jen: You wanted... That whole Zuckerberg Grant thing sounds totally fucking bogus to me.
Mike: Yeah but a new boat, Honey...
by geekmalone March 17, 2021
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Knowingly engaging in dishonest journalism with the belief that the effect of the dishonesty will outweigh the penalty from the dishonesty. Examples of Suicide Bomber Journalism include malicious editing of a piece and leaving material facts out of a piece.
Sixty Minutes engaged in Suicide Bomber Journalism in their interview of Governor Rick DeSantis. Their editing of the piece was quite malicious indeed. It's unlikely that their viewers will ever know or care.
by geekmalone April 8, 2021
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