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Whenever you hear "Does anyone have any questions?" after a long speech of zero value; you know you're dealing with a soulless corporate fuckwad.
by geekmalone November 6, 2020
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Sadly, most workers in the world are the victims of Puff Balls; managers or co-workers who have no skill for the job they are in, yet there they are.
by geekmalone June 30, 2020
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Strong indicator that you are dealing with an idiot. Pathetic people often use "I am offended" to gain power over others in conversations; with the intent that the other person will cower to them in order to make them feel not offended. However, the correct response to "offended" people is to thank them for confirming that they are an idiot, and move on.
Person A: I am offended by that remark.
Person B: Yes, I see that.
by geekmalone June 24, 2020
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The dangerous idea that disagreement legitimizes attack.
Cancel Culture is on full display in the riots of 2020. The rioters are burning down cities and nothing is being done about it. Many Mayors are sympathetic to the rioters' grievances, so there is no response to the violence. In the meantime, business owners who have paid millions in taxes over the years to the government for protection are seeing their businesses destroyed.
by geekmalone July 12, 2020
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Catch-all term for all of the nonsensical bullshit spewed by business consultants and middle managers.
Speaker: As you can see from this diagram, an exponential ROI can be realized from our rapid adoption of this strategy.
Me: Fuck me. More 3D Colored Cubes from the boneheads downtown.
by geekmalone August 19, 2020
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Based On Something That Isn't True.
Mike: White cops are killing Black men for no legitimate reason and I'm sick of it!
Mike: What the fuck is BOSTIT?
Jen: Based On Something That Isn't True. Your assertion that White cops are randomly killing Black men is BOSTIT.
Mike: Wait a second... For one thing, I'm the person in this relationship responsible for stupid ass acronyms, and...
Jen: SAA's?
Mike: Yes! And what the fuck has gotten into you? And another thing, it's been proven by statistics!
Jen: Like the Freddie Gray case?
Mike: Yeah!
Jen: Three of the six cops on that case were Black. And by the way, all of the cops were eventually acquited.
Mike: Yes but there's systemic racism in most police departments!
Jen: Another BOSTIT. Police departments strive to hire officers of color. Just look at them and you'll see.
Mike: Yes, but you can't deny that White cops killl Black men.
Jen: Well, cops are engaging in LAW ENFORCEMENT after all. Were you aware that more than ten times more White cops are killed by Black men than unarmed Black men are killed by cops?
Mike: That frazzled logic doesn't make it okay.
Jen: I never said that it did, but I just want you to think about things before you spew forth with your nonsense.
Mike: You've changed.
Jen: You haven't, but you're still my funky fucked up love interest from the West side.
Mike: Ah Baby.
by geekmalone June 14, 2020
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The little items that come along with the product you bought such as little cables, brushes, cords, adapters etc. You're not sure if you will need them later, so you keep them along with the box that the product came in. But you never use them. Badigity grows over time and can become dangerous if not controlled.
The Johnson household suffered from a severe case of badigity. Eventually a professional had to be called in to address the problem.
by geekmalone August 2, 2020
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