Not giving a shit has to do with the level of care given. Not to be confused with "not giving a fuck" see that definition. Not giving a shit means that you literally don't care enough to take action.
For example, Dillon may not want to go to work today. If he doesn't give a fuck, he will still go, but be filled with apathy. If he doesn't give a shit, then he won't bother showing up.
The kitchen staff are not giving a shit anymore so they don't do their fucking cleaning duties.
by Sushi snob June 30, 2017
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Does Dubya give a shit about anything other than Iraqi oil? I doubt it.
by Scott Lanway June 24, 2004
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I've stopped giving a shit about Luke.
by Calieee January 31, 2015
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When one decides to abandon all respect and compassion for something or someone and inhibits forceful behavior upon whatever that may be generally resulting in a bad outcome and often damage.
- Hey Todd? My car seems to be overheating...

- Aaaah it'll be fine! Just "give it shit"!!!
by tirefire87 July 6, 2011
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Do your best in whatever you do, especially when no one is around, and don’t expect anything in return for your good deeds—live as if it is your last day on earth.
If only more people’s mantra were “Give a shit!” regardless whether their boss likes them or not, or whether they’re fairly being treated, heaven would be overcrowded.
by MathPlus March 20, 2021
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