saying no thanks or no im not doing that
yo dude you should totally throw a party at your house it would be hot

nahhhh your good.
by caraaa frattttt July 24, 2008
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Thing mostly said by an adult/parent

To justify controlling something that you percieve as wrong in your life because they want it that way.
Usually it is NOT for your own good, but just because they must force their will upon you.
Girl: what the hell, why are you not letting me talk to my friends

Mom: because they are giving you wrong ideas, it's for your own good

Girl: yeah right
by December 22, 2020
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Your a good Joe- what a Philippine walker would say to you
Dude # 1, did you hook up with any of those walkers last night?

Dude # 2, they were all so hot but I chose the 1 who told me your a good Joe as she groping me
by Shakell May 5, 2021
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You possess a small quantity of currency? You seriously need to rapidly elevate your baked goods.
by Agent Shmitty April 7, 2006
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a flower version of demoman telling you that you're doing good. Probably better than any suicide prevention video.
timmy:*is sad*

demoman flower:your doin good lad
by raybeez February 15, 2022
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Sometimes just to piss people off,but it means that your dumb.Mostly said to be funny.
by Sevet930 April 13, 2005
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STOP UNEXCEPTING MY DEFINITIONS AND UPLOADING MY STUPID ONES. Let me just say, if this gets posted I will shit myself laughing.
It's kind of self explanatory.

When Your Stupid Posts Get Uploaded Instead of Your Good Ones
by The Nintendo Fan 1889 October 13, 2016
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