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Someone who was told to get the fuck away from their 'friends' (or so they thought), and go and suddenly try to hang with other people who they think will accept them. This means that they considered this other group people to 'fall back on' if stuff fails with their not-friends. Huge insult if a reject comes crawling to you. Normally rejects get really depressed'-n-stuff' after being rejected twice.
That reject keeps following us around everywhere! Someone tell that wanabe to piss off!
by sj0r April 30, 2003
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A penis that is very skinny. May be long or short. It is the opposite of a chode.
After swimming I always have a pinner
by sj0r April 27, 2003
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1) An ugly female that looks like a man.
I was just speaking to the queen of England. Damn that shim was bitchy!
by sj0r April 27, 2003
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"The verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders." -quoth me
"(While holding gun to their own head) Give me one good reason why I shouldn't pull this trigger!"
by sj0r April 27, 2003
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Not to be confused with Sweden. Despite having very cold winters, is the best place in the world. If you aren't there right now, go there. A country that nobody hates. The women are hot, but not sluts.

Possibly the only way to improve Norway would be to make a couple of bigger cities. Oslo is the biggest city, though isn't really that big at all. If you want a modest town that reflects the perfect Norwegian way of life, go to Trondheim. All Norway needs is one or two cities the size of Brisbane or Melbourne.

Norwegian people are:
As easy-going as Australians, though as gracious as the British.
As not-caring as the Americans, though as courteous as the, erm, British.
As skilled as the Australians, though as modest as the Australians. (hehe)
As outgoing as the Americans, though as respectful as the Kiwis.
As attractive as the Swedish, though as un-slutty as the Asexuals.
Mummy! Mummy! Can I go to Norway?
by sj0r December 09, 2003
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