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Generally speaking, anybody of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish (arguably) and Icelandic descent, but quite a few people from other northern European countries (including Latvia, Germany and some people in the UK) would consider themselves Nordics too. Nordics are stereotyped as having blond hair and blue eyes, and this is not too far from the truth. Another typical trait is their cheekbones or face shape. For some it is often seen as the same sort of idea as the Aryan race, and there are some neo-Nazi groups who are more specifically based on the idea of Nordic superiority.

Nordic women are quite often very attractive.
"Cor, yeah, that's a proper Nordic."
by TimFS December 24, 2004
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A...genre...of people. The rarest species of humans predicted to be extinct in 200 years. They originate from the cold icelands of scandinavia and northern europe yet are the least hairiest. Characterised by blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Tend to be tall in stature. Nordic women are the most attractive in the world. this is scienntifically proven. Their bloodlines are traced back to the viking warriors who were the most feared in the known world.
"im nordic. im rare. take that you bleach blonde wannabes"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 21, 2006
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Blonde hair and blue eyed people from northern european countries, decendants from the vikings and usually the biggest strongest men on the planet. Watch worlds strongest man if you don't believe me. Nordic women are usually found more attractive by most caucasion males, although they seem to be targeted by black males who want coffee coloured babies, kind of a trophy thing. The blue eyed blonde hair is set for extiction by the year 2200 sad but true.
"OMG look at the size of those nordic blonde dudes, they are like 6,8" amd weigh at least 400 lbs"
by Tango169 August 13, 2006
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A type of skiing that requires alot of effort. Usually only talented people do this sport.
Humberview has the best nordic team in all of Peel, even better then mayfield.
by Nosrab Werdna November 23, 2004
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The race with the most attractive women, currently estimated to be fully extinct by the year 2200.
Race mixing is a sureshot way to eliminate the Nordics.
by Jonathan Archer January 11, 2005
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A man with an ungodly sized ballsack. Also known for being the Burger King equivalent to "super-size me"
The man, being such a Nordic, proceeded to pull his "Ruby" out of his bag, then, from the sheer energy it emitted, killed all bystanders within a 100 mile radius, as well as causing a massive blackout in the city.

"Hello, welcome to Burger King, how may I take your order"

"Yes, I would like a Whopper Jr. With a medium order of fries, that'll be all, thank you"

"Would you like to "Nordic" size that for $2.50 extra? It comes with a complementary "Gift" as well"

The man began to tremble and sweat profoundly.

"N-Nordic size, you say? A gift you say?"

"Yes, would you like to"

Nervously the man said.

"Yes, but just this once though, if my wife finds out, she'll finalize the divorce and take the kids.

He then handed the cashier a $5 bill, 2 singles, along with two quarters"

As she took the money, the cashier prompted
"Do not worry sir, our patrons privacy is of our highest priorities"

The cashier then led the man to the back parking lot and there stood a building sized Ruby Kurosawa nesoberi (it was the toy that came with the meal) and she then handed him a bag containing a regular sized whopper and a large order of fries.

The man stared at the nesoberi then at his feet and said,

"Lord, please forgive my tainted soul"

As the cashier returned to the store, a tear fell on the man's cheek.
by MarcTradeMark September 05, 2018
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An awesome type of skiing that actually requires skill (unlike alpine). Includes classic and skate technique.
"Man, I am so wiped cos of Nordic practice! we did weight training today."

"Oh that sucks. Alpine team just sat on their butts and played duckduckgoose."
by yay4vermont July 09, 2005
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