Generally speaking, anybody of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish (arguably) and Icelandic descent, but quite a few people from other northern European countries (including Latvia, Germany and some people in the UK) would consider themselves Nordics too. Nordics are stereotyped as having blond hair and blue eyes, and this is not too far from the truth. Another typical trait is their cheekbones or face shape. For some it is often seen as the same sort of idea as the Aryan race, and there are some neo-Nazi groups who are more specifically based on the idea of Nordic superiority.

Nordic women are quite often very attractive.
"Cor, yeah, that's a proper Nordic."
by TimFS December 24, 2004
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A...genre...of people. The rarest species of humans predicted to be extinct in 200 years. They originate from the cold icelands of scandinavia and northern europe yet are the least hairiest. Characterised by blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Tend to be tall in stature. Nordic women are the most attractive in the world. this is scienntifically proven. Their bloodlines are traced back to the viking warriors who were the most feared in the known world.
"im nordic. im rare. take that you bleach blonde wannabes"
by Some DUDE!!!!@ September 22, 2006
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A type of skiing that requires alot of effort. Usually only talented people do this sport.
Humberview has the best nordic team in all of Peel, even better then mayfield.
by Nosrab Werdna November 24, 2004
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The race with the most attractive women, currently estimated to be fully extinct by the year 2200.
Race mixing is a sureshot way to eliminate the Nordics.
by Jonathan Archer January 12, 2005
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a.k.a. swedes or blondes- a specific race of aliens from outerspace that do not interfere with humans to help us advance due to laws of the universe.
the nordics we thought we had an alliance with turned out to not want to help us advance technologically.
by sea-jay-tea February 17, 2010
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something that relates to the scandinavian countries or to nordic skiing. often used to describe an item of clothing used in nordical skiing when worn doing something other than nordic. it usually describes sweaters, spandex, or extremely sexy suspender pants
nordic dude 1: "check out that full body spandex"
nordic dude 2: "yeah, those chicks are so nordical"
by princessflower November 23, 2010
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any type of fornication on a nordic track; this tends to cause a ruckus throughout the house and disturb those unfortunate enough to hear it
dude...did you hear the nordicating that was going on earlier?
by gypsytears44 March 3, 2010
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