The opposite of FTW (For the Win)
An acronym for "For the Loss"

You say it when your team is about to lose, because you got paired with grab-asses.
"People who think FTL means "For the Lose" are taking english tests FTL"
by selekta October 12, 2005
Stands for "For the loss". Often used in online-gaming.
Dude, we just wiped in Hellfire ramparts. Noob tank FTL.


I couldn't move! Cheap-ass keyboard FTL.
by tehlol November 25, 2007
For the lose. Opposite in meaning of ftw.
My team is full of stupid newbies, ftl!
by CM Oreo April 4, 2004
1. For the Loss;
a.used in leet speak to connote that someone or something to causing him(her/team) to lose.

b. also can be used in conversation, in real life situations.
a.player's name is a freakin NOOB!! player's name ftl.

b. Someone goes to a restaurant and unknowingly order some Kung Pao chicken. Being allergic to peanuts, when he/she get the dish. One may say, "Kung Pao chicken ftl (for the loss).
by Driftin July 11, 2008
said when someone is angry or devastated...
by SUMIeee July 8, 2010
Fuck Their Lives. (The opposite of FML -- to use when someone else is causing distress in your world.)
My ex-girlfriend spread a rumor about me to the entire football team. Worst of all, they believed it. FTL
by Teddy Nixon September 30, 2015