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In PVP video games, to peel is to divert a focused attack away from your allied member.
For example: You're playing League of Legends, and your enemy team repeatedly attacks your support team member. You use crowd control abilities and spells to stun them, stop their movement, ect , so you're support may escape or continue helping you. This is the act of peeling.
*Your party member Vayne is chased down by an enemy Xin Zhao and killed*
Vayne: gg no peel, afk
by Zi'Tah December 08, 2017
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To leave or exit or evacuate the scene/premises
yo im bout to peel, this party is wack
by ben May 15, 2003
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Another way to say pills, as in illegal drugs.
Dude you got any peels? Dude you got a dealer? I need some peels.
by sweeezn April 21, 2008
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One with an overinflated ego, sex drive and self-image, and also a complete moron, the Peel is typically a chav, this person believes themselves to be an absolute sex god (god's gift to women - typically the women see him as Satan's gift), and will regale everyone with their (often fictitious) exploits. He also has an obsession with male genitalia.

This particular brand of chav is, as with many, also an alcoholic. The beverage of choice is Carlsberg, and consumption is usually around the mark of 50 pints per week. Consequently, when combined with the hyperactive sex-drive and IRC chat, the Peel will often resort to asking for (gay) cybersex from people who will turn him down repeatedly, but he'll hump them anyway.

One final note to make on the Peel is his fetish for exhibitionism. He will think that it is clever to wear a thong to a formal ball, and then climb on a table and strip off, causing nausea among many attendees.
Peel: i am wearin that thong to the ball and nothing else cept my dick

Peel: i wanna bum Carol Vordeman

Me: Peel... just to set my mind at rest... you've never starred in a solo scat movie, have you?
Peel: i have, why?

Bdanzer: i knew a guy once with a 3.5 inch dong - he was a right Peel
by mattbuck March 22, 2005
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the act of shooting sperm on an unsuspecting girl. (To peel one off)
We had hot sex and I just peeled one off on her face.
by Carl Panzram Jr. May 08, 2004
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