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coming in two forms, classic or skate, nordic skiing is the original and hardest way to ski. you use every muscle in your body, and race 5-50k. an average practice for high school is 10-15 miles.

classic is a back and forth motion, primarily using your arms
skate is similar to skating on ice, except you also use your arms some, but mainly legs.
there is no stopping because of....
too cold
too long
bad wax
bad snow
sore muscles
season (skis with wheels)
i wish i was nordic skiing all the time!
by nordie4eva November 23, 2010
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the coolest sport known to man. also it is the best form of skiing (other being downhill) known to this day because ones that participate will be in way better shape and should, could, and will kick anyones ass who does Alpine.
John- Oh man i had a difficult nordic practice last night.
Dave- Oh i didn't know you do nordic skiing. Dude that stuff is legit
by Flava Fla April 19, 2011
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only the coolest sport ever. most downhillers sit on their fat asses on a chairlift and then use their weight to propel themselves down. they try to keep in shape for a sport that a)doesn't keep you in shape and b)really doesn't require you to be in shape. nordic skiers get a lot of shit for having spandex ski suits but they are kick ass and everyone knows it. they have to go UP the hills as well as down and they have to ski the flats. as compared to downhill skiers who get upset if they have a gradual downhill. nordic skiers have to stay in shape and be in shape or they'll have hell to pay in races. they have to haul their asses up and down terrain for 3-10 miles, as opposed to downhills skiers having thier asses pushed down a 2 mile (max) course. nordic skiers have to be balanced on their skinny as hell skis, while downhill skiers have fat skis to support their weight. put any nordic racer in a running/biking/kayaking/any sport requiring fitness competition and they'll whup a downhiller's ass. nordic skiers are comparable to xc runners and distance track kids, mostly because those are their alter egoes. anyone who says nordic's for wussies is obviously an idiot who couldn't perform physical activities to save their life and they should go fuck themselves because they have no idea what it's like to train for nordic skiing and to be a nordic skier.
Downhill skier: hey, i just got back from a race where i just sat back and allowed my weight to push me down the hill!
Nordic skier: i just got back from nordic skiing practice! we skiied 15 miles and then did hill intervals up our 1/2 mile hill!
by distanceinanyform May 28, 2007
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More commonly referred to as "nerdic," it is almost as cool as alpine skiing. There are two disciplines, classic and skate. Both require incredible strength, effort, and perseverance, although less skill than other types of skiing including freestyle, alpine racing, and ski jumping.
A: I have my first nerdic skiing race today, wish me luck!

B: Wow maddd respect dude, that almost as cool as what I'm doing this afternoon, which is going 90 mph to win the downhill.

A: Oh yeah?? I GOT A 5 ON THE AP TEST

B: ...

Nordic Skiing
by jski13 January 11, 2012
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A sport that although requires people to be very fit, requires no skill at all nor does it require one to have any balls. It is for people who want to ski but are too afraid of going 40 mph down an icy mountain. Unlike downhill skiers, nordic skiers cannot do tricks off of big jumps, cannot ski fast through deep powder in the woods, and cant huck off of cliffs. Nordic skiing is not real skiing. This is only when talking about male nordic skiers. nordic skier girls are hot and sexy and need to keep doing what they do.
bill- damn did you see those girls in that spandex? they were all sexy as hell.

jim- yeah thats the girls nordic skiing team. they stay in really good shape.
by VT skier May 24, 2009
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A type of skiing that requires no skill. People join this sport if they suck at sports because Nordic skiing is easy. All of the losers join this sport if they want to Ski but arent good enough to do Downhill. Wusses also join because they are afraid of going 30-40mph down a steep hill.
Stuart: "Hey guys, lets go downhill skiing"

Riley: "Sorry, man I have no skill so I'm going to go Nordic skiing."

Nick: "Yeah, I'm a wuss and not tough enough to do Downhill so I'm going with Riley."
by StuartZ February 03, 2007
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