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Awesome Guitarist of Pantera, and Damageplan, currently suffering from death, for which there is not yet a cure.
by TimFS December 28, 2005
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1) When someone returns you a nickel (probably)
2) See mediocre
1) "Here's your Nickelback!", "Oh...thanks!"
2) Hahah, not Nickelback!
by TimFS December 27, 2005
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Originating from Italy. A genuine Italian is not the same as an Italian-American, the latter of which is a product of a bastardisation and incredibly innacurate representation of Italian culture. Although whether straight Italian or Italian-American, most of them gesticulate with their hands a lot, even when on the phone. This might also be a false stereotype, though
Yeah, this is real "Italian" Pizza.
by TimFS December 28, 2005
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Born Kim Bendix Petersen in Denmark, King Diamond was the singer in Mercyful Fate before forming his own band. Famous for his multi-octave range, supposed association with LaVey Satanism and having a greater lyrical talent than many native English speakers.
King Diamond is your lord and master.
by TimFS October 24, 2004
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A modern, mainstream and watered down form of metal, often mixed with elements of another style, often rap/hip-hop. Famous bands include Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and System Of A Down. Some bands were more tolerable than others, but on the whole pretty much any band was played beyond the point of annoyance.

Nu-metal's marketing points are it's apparent 'coolness', songs structured with very simple musicianship (in keeping with grunge philosophies), the angsty lyrics, a marketable style which mostly fuses sportswear with grungier, baggier styles, and the feeling of being an outsider or one of the un-cool kids (this is quite ironic as most people who jumped the nu-metal bandwagon at it's height were popular people or became popular as a result). It is one of many fads employing the 'anti-cool' philosophy. Most people who adopt this lack the intelligence to see the irony.

Nu-metal gradually phased out as predicted, and the very same idiotic crowd would be seen later jumping on the emo bandwagon, which is popular at the time of writing. The style would drastically change from stupid baggy jeans to horn-rimmed specs, lip piercings, etc. Whatever fad, though, most scenesters have a LiveJournal account.

Nu-metal is reviled by dedicated metal purists, particularly classic metal and death/black metal fans. This is because it is seen as a false type of metal. Whether this is true or not, the point is defended by the fact that nu-metal was the epitome of crass commercialism. Tragic also, is the fact that nu-metal is the predominant perception of metal as a whole, which has led to would-be real metal fans writing off an entire genre of inventive and inspiring music.
Nu-metal has been phased out in favour of another fad.
by TimFS December 26, 2005
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A 3-piece rap group who are supposedly Middle-Eastern, given their accents, but are really Americans, having a laugh. Despite this, they are as funny as hell.
They have created songs such as their version on Super Mario Twins, Schififty-Five, and Bang Bang Bang
by TimFS January 5, 2005
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