To become paranoid (usually temporarily, and often due to the influence of drugs such as cannabis or meth.)
After we smoked out in the parking lot, Kevin started noiding, thinking that someone might have seen us.
by Tochterlieber April 26, 2008
When used in regards to recreational drugs, it commonly refers to synthetic cannabinoids, or synthetic marijuana.
Noids are notoriously more dangerous than the drug they try to mimic.
by Ima_Pseudonym November 21, 2015
An evil wizard in a skin-tight red body suit with rabbit-like ears. Goes out of his way to wreck pizzas to be delivered.
Ever been frustrated, because the Noid ruined your pizza? Avoid the Noid.
by Avoid The Noid August 29, 2004
a paranoid person(from an abbriviation of paranoid)
That guy thinks that the bees are just going to come and sting him without warning. He is such a noid.
by Light Joker September 25, 2004
a noid is a red being that feasts on fear, pain, dread, etc. it enjoys eating pizza and smoking dank. watch out for him.
guy 1: shit man, do you smell pizza?
guy 2: yeah man. its the noid. we need to leave.
guy 1: i agree, i feel a sense of sadness and pain.
by mr. worlwide dale March 16, 2022
adj. (noy-d)
The expression of an idea or concept being a bad one, that will likely end with bad results. derived from the word "paranoid", it originates from use within circles of drug users, particularly cannabis, where paranoia is easily triggered.
a: hey, why don't we go smoke a joint then go to the police station?
b: nah man, thats noid.

a: wha'dya wanna do?
b: why don't we go to that party?
a: sounds noid.

a: dude, you wanna go see justin bieber?
b: noid.
by tokester1029 December 2, 2010
An unpleasant, stupid, or ineffectual person. (Note: my friends coined this in college in 1983--before the Domino's pizza ads)
Shut up, noid!
by Bob St. Cul April 3, 2003