To have smoked pot with a buddy, or, to be invited to smoke pot.
by frbajx November 16, 2006
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to be good or done smoking weed.... rare in most experienced potheads....
(me) hit this blunt of citrus dro man....
(novice smoker)..nah man im smoked out
by drtysouth February 1, 2005
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to go in a room, car, or other relatively small area and seal all the exits, then smoke your dank 'till the place of gathering is entirely filled w/ smoke
We smoked out the car, but the po-po man thought the car was on fire from the inside and busted our asses.
by ghandi September 19, 2002
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to provide someone with marijuana or the like without charge
Hey I'm broke right now man.. you think you could just smoke me out ?
by TFS February 19, 2005
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Smoked so much weed in your life that you smoked yourself stupid.
Guy1 Mike cant even add 2+2 bro.
Guy 2 damn that foos smoked out.
Guy 1 lol
by Nela213 February 21, 2019
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To smoke Marijuana with one or more people. Or in the term Smoke me/you out. Means smoking with someone when they provide no weed, you are smoking them out.
"Hey Chelsey do you want to smoke out?"

"Carly, want me to smoke you out?"

"Let's smoke out!"
by B rice October 9, 2012
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When you smoke so much you start changing color and begin to look like you doing more than just weed
Brah you looked smoked out, you should slow down.

She looked better back then, now she is just smoked out.
by Smoked out March 18, 2018
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