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A catchall for polyamorous relationships and attractions with so many nuances that they can't be described in a short sentence such as "it's an open relationship" or "we're swingers" or "I want to have a stable of broads all to myself (i.e. a harem)". If the relationship would be described on Facebook as "it's complicated" then it's probably polyqueer.
"You guys are swingers, right?"
"Actually I'm in a polyqueer, ethically non-monogamous adelphogamous relationship with Jay and his brother Rob, both of whom also are part of a triad with their ambigusweetie Julia, when she is available under the terms of her geographical non-monogamous relationship with her husband Troy, who's serving in Iraq right now."
"Oh. So you're swingers, then?"
by Tochterlieber May 16, 2014
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A phrase that is never used literally, but rather is always a response to someone's laughing or poking fun at a problem the person has reason to be seriously concerned about. Sometimes this reproach is, itself, used in a half-amused, bantering way.
"The doctor said that I tested negative for cervical cancer, so I won't be at risk of infertility after all."
"Good to hear that it didn't render your reproductive organs totally out of cervix."
"Well, I'm glad you find this so amusing."
by Tochterlieber December 9, 2013
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Using a mix of satire and straightforward criticism.
"I stumbled across this satiricritical article that starts with a point-by-point rebuttal of yesterday's State of the Union address and then compares Obamacare to sado-bestiality."
by Tochterlieber January 6, 2014
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Comb-over hairstyle that resembles that of a stereotypical chomo (child molestor).
Hey, that dude keeps looking at us.

Which one?

That creepy old dude over there, the one who's sportin' the chomover and those chominator 3000s.
by Tochterlieber February 22, 2010
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Where you relegate people whose uninteresting posts clog up your social media feeds because they're in your "friends" circle.
"After about her 20th post this week bragging about her workout routine and the different health shakes she's trying, I had to put her in the acquaintancezone."
by Tochterlieber January 6, 2014
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The phone number you use to call up your ex to try to get back together with them.
"So, after your ex told you that you're a failure as a man, that you were a failure as a husband, and that you would've been a failure as a father, you're still going to try to get back together with her? How are you even going to reach her? I thought she blocked you from everything."
"I think I still have her cell in my incoming call history, so I'll just use that as a crawlback number."
by Tochterlieber September 21, 2014
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Reliance on nobody caring enough about your account or system to bother trying to hack into it.
"Dude, shouldn't you use a more secure password than 'qwerty' for your Tumblr account?"
"Nah, who would want to bother trying to hack into it? There's no credit card information or anything like that stored in it."
"Security through apathy. I like it!"
by Tochterlieber August 7, 2014
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