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The rectum. Presumably, this word's etymology originates from the word lavender, meaning "gay" in certain contexts unrelated to violet hues.
Wikipedia is administered by people with a stick up their lavender passageway.
by Tochterlieber April 13, 2008
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(1) To tell a correctional officer you're in fear of being physically assaulted by other prisoners and want to be placed in protective custody.
(2) To threaten another prisoner, so that he has to tell a correctional officer he's in fear of being assaulted by other prisoners and wants to be placed in protective custody.
The shot caller decided to check in the guy who got caught stealing from B.J.'s locker.
by Tochterlieber January 05, 2017
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To "come out of the tox box" means to admit to being a pedophile.
"James got drunk yesterday and start saying what he most wishes he could do is tap a 7-year-old girl sometime."
"Damn, man, he decided to just come out of the toy box like that to you?"
by Tochterlieber March 09, 2014
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Guy 1: Jennifer says she's going on another diet.
Guy 2: It doesn't matter how much weight she loses; it's not going to fix her busted face.
by Tochterlieber November 06, 2013
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Large, thick, usually horn-rimmed glasses that look like something a stereotypical chomo (child molestor) would wear. Also called "Predator 3000s."
Man, what you be wearing those chominators for?

Shut up, my regular pair of glasses broke so I'm wearing the ones the prison gave me.
by Tochterlieber February 22, 2010
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Comb-over hairstyle that resembles that of a stereotypical chomo (child molestor).
Hey, that dude keeps looking at us.

Which one?

That creepy old dude over there, the one who's sportin' the chomover and those chominator 3000s.
by Tochterlieber February 22, 2010
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Where you relegate people whose uninteresting posts clog up your social media feeds because they're in your "friends" circle.
"After about her 20th post this week bragging about her workout routine and the different health shakes she's trying, I had to put her in the acquaintancezone."
by Tochterlieber January 06, 2014
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