Someone who is unaware of or oblivious to a specific subculture; one who "doesn't get it." An old-fashioned expression.
On the hunt for marijuana, Tim asked the guy if he knew where he could find some "herbal refreshment" but the guy was such a square he though Tim was looking for tea.
My lesbian friend Liz was telling me that she was hitting on a girl at a bar the other night, but she was a square and thought Liz was just being friendly.
by Notsquare September 6, 2005
A chad-like man with no depth, who resembles a flat barren four-cornered plane. A square thinks he’s massive, like a cube.!
Brielle Perry’s boyfriend was a square, he thought he could be great at all sports and was exceptionally massive.
by toshow February 16, 2018
One of the greatest first basemen ever to play the game of baseball.
Dude u missed the baseball! Who do u think I am, A-squared?
by dominique J August 18, 2006
1. dull or uncool

2. a dull or uncool person

3. a conventional cigarette

4. to work out one's problems with someone
That square has no idea what he He is saying.
by Light Joker November 5, 2006
1. A cigarette

2. A term used to define someone who is not cool

3. A way of settling the score between two opposing factions or parties
"Hey man, can I bum square?"
"That would make us about square." - Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Vol. 1
by Mary L August 4, 2005