To leave someone on open/read on Snapchat. To Square is to leave someone on open/read on Snapchat.
Person 1: Did he respond to that picture you sent?
Person 2: No. He squared me!
by daniyell250 February 4, 2020
"Yo, can I bum a square" or "Just got a fresh box o' squares"
by MikeDC August 28, 2006
A noticeably unhip, mainstream individual, a straight. Someone either ignorant or disinterested of underground subcultures. The antithesis of a hipster.
I like Lee, but she's a total square.
by Danny Delinquent March 22, 2004
squared means sorted, done, completed, roger, ok,

that the job has been done and all is ok

A squaddie telling someone what to do and the other person sayin back it's all squared sgt
sgt: John have you sorted out the wounded personel over there in the RTA (road traffic acciendent)

John: yes sgt, it's all been squared
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008
Yo, here dat nickel I owe yaz, we square now.
by Phlagellum October 8, 2003
someone un-cool or un-fashionable

also known as L7
"You're such a square"
by dw March 23, 2003