Being more than friends with someone but less than lovers.
"So are you guys together?" "Not really, we're kind of in betweening"
by Pink_alpaca March 15, 2019
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The place that is where a hot dog exists in relation to its buns.
"oh Johnny place your hot dog in between these buns."


"Johnny spray a lil' ketchup on in there in between those buns where your hot dog doth lie."
by chris wango November 19, 2005
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What noobs say instead of 'by the way'
Between, I like children
by ASLpl0x December 16, 2008
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the stage between friends and dating. dating with no label. the stage after talking but before dating. the in between stage does not have to lead to dating
Ryan and Cici are in the in between stage
by Perfetcs January 3, 2020
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a not full erection.. it's not limp, not fully hard, it's an in-betweener: see chubby
that girl at the grocery store was so hot she gave me an in betweener

if the wind blows the right way I'll get an in-betweener
by EZLuvs269 January 4, 2011
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n. A turd that has come halfway out, and you don't know whether to force it the rest of the way out or suck it back in.
"I sat down to crap, and all I had was an in-betweener, so I sucked it back in.
by waltermitty August 14, 2004
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