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Used in the lesbian community to define a person who does not consider themselves to fall into the stereotypical categories of fem,stud, butch, or girlie. Not to be confused with "stem" which is a person who dresses and acts in a way that is clearly a mix of stud and fem or butch & fem. No labels usually give off no traditional signs or signals that they are in fact gay. They are more than likely assumed to be straight. Most no labels are NOT bisexual but more closely related to the term "asexual". They are not "undercover" but choose not to let their relationship preference be a major factor in their day to day activities. Though they get along with all in the lgbt community they hate categories and tend to live outside of the box of what is accepted or expected in that community.
Example: I never knew Mary liked girls, I always thought she was straight.
Person 2: Everyone did, but she's definitely gay. She's just a No Label so you would never know.
by LovelyNoLabel June 06, 2014
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