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A woman who trades sexual favors for money.
Nelson: "I don't think we have any ladies off the night in globe..."

Eric: "Yeah, things haven't been the same there since your mom got married."
by waltermitty September 08, 2004

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Excitement to the point of acting like a jackass yokel. This is what what Rooster, Red, and Trainmaster do after work while sitting at the Sultana bar, drinking Jack Daniels and Coors light.
After riding the mechanincal bull, Rooster was a hootin' and a hollerin' for some dancing girls.
by waltermitty August 21, 2004

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Olde English 800 malt liquor. Usually sold in 40oz varieties. Also see 40 and 8 ball.
I drank me an oe8 after work.
by waltermitty August 14, 2004

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to deficate, often violently.
"I drank budweiser last night, and this morning I woke up early because I had to blow an assload."
by waltermitty September 16, 2004

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n. A turd that has come halfway out, and you don't know whether to force it the rest of the way out or suck it back in.
"I sat down to crap, and all I had was an in-betweener, so I sucked it back in.
by waltermitty August 14, 2004

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Control agent who dated and married 99. Bumbling idiot who foiled K.A.O.S. plots through idiocy, dumb luck, and tomfoolery.
"it's the old wacky definition of misunderstood word to piss people off trick."
by waltermitty February 23, 2005

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n. The act of pitching a fruity beverage at someone on a bicycle, while speeding past in a car. This act is often initiated by disgruntled boyfriends towards their girlfriends.
Justin: Angie would not let me date other guys, so I gave her the orange julius while she was riding to work today.

Friend of justin: fo' shizzle!

Justin: And the best part is, I have that stupid girl so whipped, I'll still be probing her asshole tonight!

Friend of Justin: Word up!...and BTW quit talkin' and more suckin...oh yeah.
by waltermitty October 28, 2004

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