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a term politicians may use in the event of an emergency.

reporter: "President bush why are americans going to war - oh I beg your pardon -I meant pre-emptive strike- with iraq if a 87% majority of american citizens do not condone the act?

bush: ..uh...um...democracy! yo mama! thats right, you heard me. democracy biatch.
by chris wango November 19, 2005

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The place that is where a hot dog exists in relation to its buns.
"oh Johnny place your hot dog in between these buns."


"Johnny spray a lil' ketchup on in there in between those buns where your hot dog doth lie."
by chris wango November 18, 2005

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political slang used in place of other more sensitive words like kill, rape, annihilate, bomb-the-shit-out-of, wage-war or decimate because it pretends it is acting in defense from another country that actually poses no real threat.

Dubya: I dont like saddam cuz he tried to keel' ma daddy. Lets...
Rice: Uh Mr. president.. (shakes her head).
Dubya: Right...I geet it (winks and thumbs up) lets
pre-emptive strike his ass!

by chris wango November 19, 2005

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a disabled person, usually with a disability related to the legs.


a derogatory term used in computer gaming. Used to demonstrate to the opponent that they are about to be annhilated.

note: (Do not confuse this with the term OWN or PWN in which the user/abuser reflects the fact that the opponent has been taken possession of.)
n. parrot: Look at that pirate. He has a gimp leg. (GWAAAK!)

v. stfu n00b, imma gimp j00.
by chris wango November 19, 2005

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