A dish of italian origin. Very Popular in Jamaica. They say that Bob Marley ate it every day. Consists of macaroni, tomato sauce, and some weed (basil or otherwise).
yo gimmy sum rasta pasta mon!
by Jakub Michalski March 2, 2007
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A party where many people gather to smoke out of all different kinds of glass smoking apparatus, smoke joints and blunts, and eat different kinds of laced munchie foods in stations; about 10-15 g's devoted to each station. After all of the sticky icky is smoked, all guests then proceed to indulge in Italian food.
We had a rasta pasta last week when your were out of town. Sorry brah.
by MiChAeL SaErGe September 16, 2010
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The Jamaican version of jumbalaya. The Rasta pasta consists of a combination of pastas. No specific type of pasta is required although shells and a stuffed pasta such as gnocchi or tortellini are highly recommended , some dank chicken, light seasoning, Asian style rice, topped with store bought sauce of your choosing. Typically Alfredo sauce is used. It is mixed together and pairs well with litmosas and asparagus.
Italians got nothing on me because I got the MF Rasta pasta, mon
by Fendi Fact November 22, 2018
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Pasta Rasta is a white individual with dredlocks. The 'Pasta' does not come from a person's hair taking on the appearance of noodles, nor does it imply that the person is of Italian decent; rather, it comes from the root word paste, referring to the subject's pasty white skin.

Rasta comes from the root word Rastafarian...I'm not going to give you the entire Rastafarian Movement run down; if you don't know look it up. Pasta Rasta's know little, if anything, about the Rastafarian movement & culture and are usually just dirty hippies or street rats.

Pasty Rastafarian doesn't have a real nice ring to it so that is where you get the term Pasta Rasta.

The term originated sometime in the early 90's in the bay area where several Pasta Rasta's live and (some times) work (sometimes not so much, with the working and the whole "being a productive member of society" thing)
The smell of patchouli oil, poor choices, and body odor wafted over from the circle of Pasta Rastas beating their bongos in the park.

Since, for white people, the formation of true dreadlocks generally requires a sustained lack of personal grooming, the Pasta Rasta are at an attractiveness disadvantage from the get-go.
by Oneway Wu March 24, 2011
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