Gods name as based on the Bible, commonly refered to as Jehovah, though the abbreviation is taken also from the Bible.- Jah

Commonly extracted in Rasta beats, which amongst other religions recoginize gods name as being Jehova
by LMC July 7, 2003
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Praise Jah and all hees creations mon.
by Tim M June 25, 2003
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The alias of Ethopian emporer Haile Selassie is Jah Rastafari a.k.a Lion of Juddah
We'll be forever loving Jah... - BOB MARLEY
by Avi September 17, 2003
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JAH iS known as the Lion of judah ...AKA GOD...and some members of the rastafarian faith find it offensive to use it as a slang for marijuana even though it is widely used in our culture...
by traumaslde September 25, 2003
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hero who beat his girlfriend and made rap music for pre-teens to make Bart Simpson edits and cry.
On God, Jah can literally bang me against a wall .
by i.snort.juul.pods September 19, 2019
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