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its a cactus from the desert of northern mexico and southern usa. Contains mescaline and is highly halucinogenic in the five senses. Has been used for ritual and spiritual purposes for thowsands of years by the Huixol and Taraumara indians of northern mexico as well as by the indians of the arizona desert. The spirit of peyote is very old, he is Don Juan, a wise old man that takes the consumer of peyote into the higher dimention of the world, where he acquires great wisdom and sees the creation of the cosmos through vivid visions. In this, it is very different from magic mushrooms (psylocybes), that are a young spirit, the children of the god(teonacatl), they induce states of euphoria and childlike emocional flashbacks.
Don Juan, el anciano del peyote.
by grishna mukti I March 08, 2006

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rastafarian denomination for "I" or "me" or "mine"
it means I and my higher consciousness, namely jah rastafari.
I&I hope that the I overstand the meaning of I-man words
by grishna mukti I March 12, 2006

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Short for facsist, in Spain (country that sufferd much from fascist governments in the XXth century) this is a derogatory term to designate people with authoritarian and nationalist tendencies.
Ese tio es un facha! votó por LePen en Francia.
by grishna mukti I March 12, 2006

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