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the Uiverse as described in the series Firefly created by Joss Whedon
No power in the verse can stop me. (Said by Mal first then Kaylee, but River adopted it after she single-handedly stopped Niska's men from boarding Serenity.)
by gorramreavers December 15, 2005
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An amazing band in the U.K. ! They are one of the best boy bands you can ever come across !

You should defo check them out via YouTube and twitter @TheVerseOFF, you will not regret being a fan of them, they're really hard to not love.

They are jack JT dean and Alex they're such sweet caring people and such nice people to meet, I think they're so cute and dean is fit af 😂 Js

Btw if you see this it is jennie 😊 @JenLovesBrook 😂♥️
The verse are one of the best bands I have ever came across, I have made so many new friends through them ♥️ I am so thankful for them
by JenMolAmy June 15, 2017
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