The act of a word getting changed and thus changing the meaning of the sentence due to a device's autocorrect feature. Often leading to extreme misinterpretation.
Person A (via text): Hey do you want to get some penis for dinner tonight?
Person B: I'm so glad you said that because I always wanted to tell you I'm gay and I'm happy to hear you are too so that we can finally be together.
Person A: Oh sorry, I meant to say pizza, my phone autocorrected me.
by dRe420 December 9, 2010
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1.) The reason that funny, strange, or embarrassing texts and/or messages are sent.
2.) The reason it takes so long to type in words that are purposely misspelled or possibly slang.
3.) The opposite of reason one; the reason that misspelled words are automatically corrected without backspacing.
1.) Man 1: *typing*
"Dude, I got some peantus from the homeless guy"
Autocorrecting "peantus"
For "penis"
Man 2: Didn't know you were looking for so much...
Man 1: Fuck, it's autocorrect for peanuts, man!

2.) Man 1: *typing in Google*
Autocorrecting "Doge"
For "Doggie"
Man 1: *flips desk*

3.) Man 1: *typing text*
"Go git me a sammich"
Man 1: That's the shit!
by Tsoran May 16, 2014
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A feature built into many modern phones, which automatically changes unrecognized words to their closest matches, if any exist. Of course, on occasion it will select the wrong word, usually changing the original meaning of the sentence completely.
Duck you, autocorrect! Duck you to he'll!
by do it fgt  November 17, 2011
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A useless piece of crap designed to embarrass us and screw us over.
What I type: Go to hell, autocorrect.
What Autocorrect types: Go to he'll, autocucumber.
by Worddefiner3000 November 9, 2016
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"I meant to say 'role'. It only says 'roll' because autocorrect changed it!"
by spacetiger110 July 24, 2020
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Something you'd notice in almost every awesome phones you see in the media, such as the HTC and the iPhone.

Autocorrect is good, but sometimes, shit hits the fan whenever you text. Sometimes, you type in "bigg," then it autocorrects it into "bug." So, say that a man was gonna text his friend "I like bigg butts and I cannot lie!" When he sends it, it gets autocorrected and turns into "I like bug butts and I cannot lie!" Then there's some funny convo between the recipient and the sender.
In a text convo...

Micheal: god, so damn thirsty
Jenna: yesterday @ the mall u should've taken the $$$ i was gonna give u out my pussy
Jenna: oh shit, i meant purse
Micheal: LMAOOO
Jenna: damn you autocorrect
by XClausoX June 29, 2012
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