Someone who listens to new wave music and wears new wave clothing and hair. They are the natural enemy of a butt rocker.
Tabu is a waver. She likes listening to Duran Duran.
by Jack Batemaster January 7, 2004
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Noun - A microwave oven. Back-formation from microwave - similar to Fridge for Refrigerator.
Reheat the leftovers in the waver.
by LongIslandMark April 23, 2009
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waver ˈwā-vər , ( noun ) : a late 1980's term for a skateboarder , typically a teen who wears surfer clothes and has dyed hair that is long on one side and hangs over one eye or a variation of a bowl cut . These "wavers" were very popular in the late 1980's and were seen as a nuisance on sidewalks and in strip malls causing numerous "no skating on premises" signs to be posted and even spawned a number of local ordinances to help protect property owners from liability of accidents caused by the irresponsible teenaged skateboarders .

This words origin is most likely from a popular skateboarding phrase "riding the concrete wave" .
Did you see that. waver fall off his skateboard in front of that car ?
by Big White Knight May 8, 2020
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Someone who works on there waves or has quality waves
Mannnn that YouTube guy is a serious waver
by Justanotherwaver September 4, 2019
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Flags are little pieces of colored cloth that are used to create division amongst people.
Flags are handy to use in wars, so you know which side to kill.

A “flag waver” is an overly, misguided patriotic who hangs many flags around the outside of their house, waves them in their hands or attaches them to their vehicles.

Some of the more inbred “Hill Billy,” “Chuckle Head” individuals will even stick a giant flag on a tall pole and attach it to the back of their vehicle so that they can slowly drive around town with the big flag flapping in the wind for all to see.

These “people?” get easily excited and would be the first to verbally send you off to some unjust war to rape and pillage some far away country. These wars are usually created by big businesses that use government politicians as their puppets to make money. These wars/business ventures are really for stealing some other country’s natural resources while killing their inhabitants in the name of “giving them democracy,” eradicating non-existent “weapons of mass-destruction,” etc.

Hitler was really into his flags. During the height of World War II, if you were the one guy on the block who didn’t have your big Nazi flag floating in the wind out front, you could get a one-way ticket to a concentration camp for being a malcontent and unpatriotic.
Lenny is one hell of a flag waver. He just sent his son off to a war to risk his life so our oil companies could get rich. What an idiot...
by Ian De La Rosa July 3, 2013
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1. A guy being an often overly blatant, annoying, aggressive, belligerent, and/or rude human being based on some level in masculine dominance or behavior or what may be seen by some as such. They range in styles from stealthiness/backstabbing to in your face, the physically challenging to verbally or emotionally challenging, etc. They come in many flavors, but what they have in common is being contemptible or undesirable pieces of shit that deserve a punch in the balls. Also known as an ass, asshole, jackass, prick, dick, jagoff, jackoff, dipshit, shit for brains, and sometimes chauvanist.

2. A guy who likes the attention and the admiration of women, using his sex appeal to get the attention of women, which often being that most men have their brains down there, acts as a metaphorical compass for the best piece of pie they can get.

Essentially men in fighting with one another are subtly competing to see who has the bigger dick or in the latter, using their eyes and it to what a lot of them really want.

I partially derived this from the late and great stand-up genius known as George Carlin who said something along the lines to the effect of "War is just a bunch of men standing around in a battlefield waving their pricks around!"
1. Man, I don't give a shit about that damn dick waver in the UFC show on Spike TV thinking he's so damn special! I'm turning this shit off!

2. Look at the dick waver thinking he's something! Just configuring his phallic guide to the next woman!
by Jack694 December 5, 2009
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