an alternative rockband formed by Graham young, simon whenlock and Jon Hill. They realised 3 albums so far
justified, deal with it and to love to hate to love.
Some of their songs appear in the computergame Flat Out
I think its a pitty that they aint well known yet.Because their music is quite sound.
no connection is an awesome band
by Billy Joe Bob!!111oneoneeleven December 24, 2005
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a drug supplier, usually dealing in large quantities
I just called my connect...I should have what you need in an hour.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
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short form of the word connections
Dan has major connects back East where he grew up.
by gtbarry October 7, 2008
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The first level in the gangster Mafia hierarchy, according to the movie Donnie Brasco. In that movie, Al Pacino explains that there are four levels of Mafia guy: Connected guy, Made Guy (aka Wiseguy), Skipper, and Boss. Connected Guy is a guy who is vouched for by a Made Guy. He is referred to as "a friend of mine" by said Made Guy, but is not yet part of the Mafia yet.
Hey, don't piss off any of Rizzo's friend, he's a connected guy.
by Marty February 14, 2003
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a) drug supplier
b) verb of buying drug
a) the connect called, the hydroponic has arrived
b) I connected an ounce of hydro
by samrosza November 16, 2008
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connecticate - authentically communicating to create meaningful connection with others

connectication - the process by which one creates Meaningful Connection through Authentic Communication.

Background: The amount of conflict, loneliness, mental health issues and addiction that is present in society, is increasingly concerning. There is often discussion about conflict resolution and how to solve these and many other social issues. The long term answer is not in management and solutions, but in prevention. Prevention through understanding, open honest, authentic communication, support and meaningful connection.

Lack of communication skills and connection to self, others and community are often indicated as being a part of the problem. There is no sense of belonging - a basic human need. Therefore, by default, part of the solution is to improve communication skills and increase connection.

This got me thinking, is there a word that describes this process, that incorporates clear communication to create connection? It appeared that there was not, so, Connectication was created.
There is discord in the office, I am going to connecticate with the team.

The techniques and processes I learned at the workshop really assisted connectication with my family.
by Connecticator January 1, 2018
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A drug hook-up. Unlike your average dealer, a connection is usually someone you're in good with who will "hook you up", or give you the narcotics you want at a lower price than the average street value. A must have for any druggie.
Yeah, I got a connection who could get that 10 bucks cheaper.
by TFS July 25, 2005
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