Originating in the game of tag, no backsies is a maneuver in which a player that is "it" cannot be tagged back immediately following the tagging of another player.

No backsies can further be extended into the real world, where people use "no backsies" as a means to avoid doing a task.

To invoke the rule, one must simply say "no backsies" before the item or action in question is returned to its original source.
Example 1: Alice, Bob, and Corey are playing tag, and Alice is "it." Alice proceeds to tag Bob, making him "it." Bob turns around and tags Alice right back. Alice neglected to say "no backsies," and is now "it" again. Bob would not make the same mistake. As his hand touches Alice's shoulder, he screams "no backsies." He then proceeds to punch her in the face for good measure. Bob cannot be tagged "it" until Corey has been tagged. Which won't happen. Alice is in the hospital.

Example 2: Alex and Daniel are arguing over whom has to put away all the toys back into the chest. Their mother comes in to threaten them that if a certain thing isn't put away within the next minute, they would both get in trouble. Obeying the unwritten rule that the last one to touch something must put it away, both proceed to argue over who actually touched it last. Daniel picks it up and throws it at Alex, hitting him in the face, and calls out "no backsies." Alex, now bruised from the padlock that their mother wanted put away, now has no option but to return the heavy metal object back to the toy chest.
by David Fier March 1, 2006
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Once a deal has been made, it has been made.

It can also be further interpreted to mean some transition into a new situation has taken place and there is no means for return.
Example 1: nah, we did a fair trade between your charizard and my pidgey. There's no backsies, gg.

Example 2: that christian girl is trying to pretend nothing happened, but I totally fucked her up the ass lol. There's no backsies.
by DerpDerp2435 February 2, 2021
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The act of retracting a prior statement, reversing the consequences of a previous action, or undoing preceding events in any such similar form. However, this is commonly looked down upon in society because it's a fuckin weak ass move that reeks of being a beta. Be a man/woman/transgender/etc (I will not assume your gender or sexuality), own your shit.
"I'll give you $5 to lick my ass"
"No backsies"
by tj696969 March 6, 2017
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1. The act of revenge.
2. To return to a previous state.
1. As in the game of punch buggy, one would say "punch buggy, no backsies!" If you are punched back, thats defying the rule of no backsies.
2. Guy: I fucked a stupid cunt now whenever I talk to her she thinks she's my girlfriend. Once you fuck a bitch, there's no backsies.
by They Call Me Frog January 2, 2006
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Soul and substance of evil and estrogen. To revoke one's decision at the expense of others. Girls are powered by backsies. cock teaser
"Honey, I'm pregnant"
-"I thought you took the pill?"
by markstehbest May 23, 2008
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What a male would ask for in order to aquire the back of the female in a tag team.

Also see Frontsies
-Tag team. I call backsies!
-I wanted frontsies anyways.
by lmfao1234567 May 5, 2011
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Hey babes, let's go backsies...

Sure thing daddy, go deep inside my business
by MyselfBro May 12, 2022
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