Declaration of this magic phrase upon observing a Volkwaggon Bettle before its being voiced by one's accompaning passenger in a vechile entitles a person to a warrented, fully justified, and unretaliatable jab in the arm of the accompaning passenger. This rule supersedes all existing laws on assault in all jurisdictions within the continental United States, Canada, and some participating regions of Mexico not under the control of the drug cartels.
A souped-up VW Bug sailed into view and so Sally yelled, "Punch Buggy!" and pursuant to the universal Punch Buggy Law immediately laid a blow to Johnny's arm.
by Harmless Drudge November 13, 2011
An annoying trend in which a person punches another person in the arm after seeing a Volkswagon Beetle (Bug).
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
Punch buggy is a car game played when passengers see a Volkswagen Beetle. When you see that car, you yell "Punch Buggy (color of the car)" And bunch a person in the car. You can say "Punch buggy Blue no punch backs!" that means that the car you called cannot be said again for the rest of the day and you get the point.
"Punch buggy green, no punch backs!"
by belladictionario March 29, 2020
The phrase "punch buggie" is best said when riding with your friend in the car. If you see any form of a VW beettle or bug,punch your friend, perferrably in the shoulder, and call out the color of the car. Remember, you are not bitch punching your buddy, just litely "punching" them on their shoulder.
Heather: "Blue punch buggie" (punches Lisa on the shoulder, but not hard!)

Lisa: "Damn. I will get you back biach."
by Lisa July 1, 2004
It is a game played by punching the person next to you when ever you see a VW Beetle.
Eg. If its Green you will punch the person next to you and say Punch Buggy (Colour) Nix! Three in a row is a hat trick!
by P.un.chy March 8, 2012