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When you and the guys need to exit a bad situation, the act of moving to somewhere more favorable. Relocation for the bros.
"Yo, guys, this party is a total sausagefest. Let's rebrocate to the bar and grab some ladies."
by David Fier July 17, 2008
Originating in the game of tag, no backsies is a maneuver in which a player that is "it" cannot be tagged back immediately following the tagging of another player.

No backsies can further be extended into the real world, where people use "no backsies" as a means to avoid doing a task.

To invoke the rule, one must simply say "no backsies" before the item or action in question is returned to its original source.
Example 1: Alice, Bob, and Corey are playing tag, and Alice is "it." Alice proceeds to tag Bob, making him "it." Bob turns around and tags Alice right back. Alice neglected to say "no backsies," and is now "it" again. Bob would not make the same mistake. As his hand touches Alice's shoulder, he screams "no backsies." He then proceeds to punch her in the face for good measure. Bob cannot be tagged "it" until Corey has been tagged. Which won't happen. Alice is in the hospital.

Example 2: Alex and Daniel are arguing over whom has to put away all the toys back into the chest. Their mother comes in to threaten them that if a certain thing isn't put away within the next minute, they would both get in trouble. Obeying the unwritten rule that the last one to touch something must put it away, both proceed to argue over who actually touched it last. Daniel picks it up and throws it at Alex, hitting him in the face, and calls out "no backsies." Alex, now bruised from the padlock that their mother wanted put away, now has no option but to return the heavy metal object back to the toy chest.
by David Fier March 1, 2006
When something is so totally good that its awesomeness can only be expressed by clenching one's fingers, turning their wrist to face the body, and dropping the elbow and shoulder in a manner that exudes awesome.

Sometimes when performing said fist pump, you should alert others to the awesome you're about to hit them with.
Guy A: Yo, did you see that girl, she's smokin... Dayumn.
Guy B: She's (*pumps fist*) FIST PUMPING GOOD, HELL YEAH!

*note how B had to alert A of the fist pumping goodness*
by David Fier August 8, 2006
The nod of acknowledgement is a standard among guys as a way to let the person know that you see them, without having to resort to using words. Girls will generally not accept the nod of acknowledgement and opt for a wave of the hand and/or a smile, perhaps even accompanied by words. The nod of acknowledgement is a wordless conversation.

The only acceptable response to a nod of acknowledgement is another nod. If you speak, you have broken the point of such a gesture.
Situations in which the nod of acknowledgement may be used:
(1) Walking past a friend to class
(2) Catching a friend's eye across the room to say "hi" without verbally saying it
(3) Giving approval of a friend's actions
by David Fier October 17, 2005
Used to counter the effects of saying something that can be perceived as gay, without subjecting the speaker to the repercusions of being taken literally.

This developed from the phrase "no homo" which was shortened at first to "no H" and then finally arriving at "naitch."

Naitch is pronounced with an "N" in front of the sound for the letter "H".
Tom: So, Sven, I got two tickets to the Super Bowl, you want to come with me?
Sven: Tom, I love you.
Tom: ...
Sven: Oh, sorry. Tom, I love you, naitch.
by David Fier February 9, 2007
1) adjective

Term used to describe that which is entirely awesome, profound, or otherwise regarded as favorable.

2) noun

An object of awesomeness.

synonyms: awesome, cool
antonyms: decaf
A: I just pwned some noobs on Counterstrike.
B: Dude, that's so coffee.

A: I found $100!
B: Coffee!
by David Fier November 11, 2004
When you don't honestly believe something to be the case, but wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true.
My friend was so crazy, I half expected him to actually jump off the water tower into a tub of jello when the radio station offered him $10.
by David Fier May 9, 2007