when you become an anti-powermove, and bring the harm of anti-powermoves to others
Person 1: You suck and you're a noob.

Person 2: Yeah? Well you've just been revoked for anti-powermoving people. You can no longer power-move.
by The Pope of Powermoves November 22, 2013
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when your having an extremely bad nights sleep and you get in such a rage with the lack of sleep that you slam your alarm off before the set time.
"arrrh for christ sake man its time for an alarm-revoke" (action of turning your alarm off follows)
by mezalong January 13, 2009
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The action of taking a mans Man Card when an act of unmanliness has been committed. This is only temporary, as a man card can never be taken away, only temporarily revoked. Once a manly act has been completed (ex: Chug several beer, remove sink with bear hands, build something with a power tool, etc) the Man Card can and will be reinstated.

See Urban Dictionary's definition for Official Man Card.
You all went and saw the Twilight movies? Gentlemen, I'm about to Revoke a Man Card.
by OfficialManCard February 6, 2011
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A popular trivia card game and game show that tests history, facts, know how, and experiences of African Americans with wit, charm and humor. Game created by former LeBron James management execs.
Don’t mess around and get your black card revoked.
by Blackcardrevoked.com August 19, 2018
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When your Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook account gets deleted for making a fake profile or posting fake news.
She got her social media card revoked for posting fake news.
by RegtheEnforcer February 4, 2017
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