When posting on a forum, you submit a post only to find that someone has posted the same thing only seconds earlier.
Ha ha, Julia Roberts is so lame.
Ha! Julia Roberts is so lame.

EDIT: DAMMIT! Ninja'd!
by mrespman October 22, 2005
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v. the act of stealing, swooping, or snaking something. the person who has been ninja'd upon does not realize it for a little while.
Hey Marks and Giuseppe... you know Erin and Kek totally just ninja'd their way infront of you in line...
by badguy13579 November 9, 2007
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1). Quick, stealthy appearance or escape.
2). Sneak attack from behind. In video games, often with a knife.
I was on de_dust2 and he was the last guy left, so I went the other way, pulled out my knife and ninja'd him right in the back.
by Liquidnumb October 10, 2005
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1)sudden dissapearance
2) quick movement from one area to another
i was at the store and tom totally ninja'd on me.
by nickers May 20, 2005
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When someone takes something or someone away from you and you did not know whats the fuck is going on until the person ninja'ding you is laughing his/her/ ass off. The term ninja'd is usually mixed up with thiefed but the stupid sob that did that is spread across the atlantic ocean....Right now.
Tommy: Hey broski wheres my pencil....and my pants?

Charlie: Holy crap man those were ninja'd off you about a good 3 hours ago!

tommy: awwwwww mannnn!

(cue laugh track)
by Pruney The Transvestite January 15, 2010
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In chat, it is the act of saying something before someone else. It only counts if someone else actually says the same thing afterwards.
JKuang: 24,495 = "Over 24,000"

Puppettron: weird, 24,495 is over 24,000

CraziAsian: ninja'd
by CraziAsian.... The one and onl February 8, 2010
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(V): When someone gives another person such a good comeback that the person being exposed to the torment never even sees it coming. But the burn does not end there my amigos. The Ninja'er comes back for a second attack, ending with their battle cry, "Ninja'd!" Then disappears before you even have time to pee your pants from shock. Here's a diaper baby, clean yo'self up. You be dirtying up my new kitchen floors. .. bitch.
Person A: "I think I was just Ninja'd and I may or may not have just pee'd a little bit."

Person B: "Ninja'd!" *Disappears*
by Captain Elbow October 1, 2010
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