One of the most successful actresses of all time. She may be overpaid and overrated yet she is actually quite talented. Starred in great romantic comedies like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill.
Julia Roberts was paid $25 million dollars to star in Mona Lisa Smile, the highest salary an actress has ever earned.
by shotgunznsausagez July 11, 2013
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A beautiful, talented, and fucking awesome actress, WHO'S LIPS ARE PERFECT. She stars in Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Step Mom, Runaway Bride, Eat Pray Love, and SO MANY MORE. If you don't like her, get a life.
Ronny: Hey! Did you see that new movie with Julia Roberts in it?!"

by Mars&Jupitar August 15, 2010
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undeservingly famous overpaid actress who looks like Eric in drag with no hips or rhythm.
Julia Roberts, we've seen everything you can do. Can we have a refund?
by Lisa Fix March 26, 2005
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yes...she has a big mouth...but who cares because she is a very talented actress and deserves respect for all of the wonderful movies that she has been in...and those people that don't like her because she is rich are just jealous of her
by Boojam October 23, 2005
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20 million dollars a movie- Why, because she has a freaky mouth?
by Franklin December 11, 2003
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3.A mouth the size of the grand canyon
To cut someone down, you could call them a Julia roberts.
by Bill December 19, 2003
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