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When posting on a forum, you submit a post only to find that someone has posted the same thing only seconds earlier.
Ha ha, Julia Roberts is so lame.
Ha! Julia Roberts is so lame.

EDIT: DAMMIT! Ninja'd!
by mrespman October 22, 2005
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Something that is advertised as having something of value, when it actually doesn't. The act of misleading. Is usually called.
That site didn't have those videos! I call shananigans!
by mrespman September 05, 2006
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To post on a forum, only to find out that someone posted the same thing seconds before you. See ninja'd.
Hey, here's the link you asked for.
Sup, you know that link that you were talking about? Here.

EDIT: DAMMIT! Shanghai'd!
by mrespman October 22, 2005
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