when an item you possess disappears without your knowledge. another term for "got jacked". but much cooler and stealth like. Like a ninja.
"Hey I thought I left my money on the table"
"Dude, you got ninja'd!"
by Adrian de Torres October 01, 2007
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when your in a horrible "relationshit" and you get in a fight one day and the girlfriend happens to say a comment that will seem at first like the worst come back ever but soon will make you so friggin' angry that you go make a ass out of yourself in front of her
yeah steve i completely was fucking brain ninja'd, i walked in and just sounded like a complete dumm shit
by dickydick May 14, 2007
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A medical term used to describe when an extrodinary woman leaves you speechless.
Ben: You always ignore me when I call you.
Brittany: Ya well you never leave a message
Ben: (speechless)
Brittany: Ya you've been brain ninja'd !
by Benny Frederick April 07, 2009
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When you break into your friend's (or cheating significant other's) Tinder account and go to town randomly swiping as fast as you can before they get back.
"I wondered why all these fat chicks were trying to talk to me on Tinder, and then I figured out one of my friends totally Fruit Ninja'd my Tinder while we were out the other night."
by Nunya123765 June 20, 2017
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During the 2020 Covid crisis, and after roughly 1.5 months of quarantined groups of people began to ninja people. To be Ninja'd means that someone dropped a wine, whiskey, cannabis or even toys and candy to a random stranger to being cheer during a time of crisis.
I went out and Ninja'd someone today.

Have you been Ninja'd yet?
by Swiper875 May 17, 2020
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