the act of doing something successfully in a stealthy manner & when exiting the scene, you say "Ninja" in a spooky tone to rattle other people in the area who didn't realize wtf was going on.
Dude, you hella Ninja'd his oblivious dumb-ass!
by L0Lpants July 19, 2011
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when someone ninjas you it means they send you a chat on facebook saying either ninja, you've been ninjad, ect. knowing that are logging off right after it sends.
*kate opens up facebook chat and sends a message to john saying 'i just ninjad you' then logs off*

john: dang it she did it again

kate: hahaha he can never ninja me back...i must be too ninja
by Beccerz777 April 07, 2011
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When a Nerd playing World of Warcraft, steals an item that he has no apparent use for and his group member needed it.
He just took my epic sword and he cant even use it. He ninja'd my sword!!!
by Dwnsdr3 March 02, 2010
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to steal or take unnoticed by another
Dave Ninjad from Sue a drink of her coffee when she was looking the other way
by Levian July 23, 2009
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to be extremely high yet act so sober that no one was able to tell the difference.
Kevan ninja'd everyone at the party last night.
by Lil Matt 88 September 17, 2008
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When someone takes something or someone away from you and you did not know whats the fuck is going on until the person ninja'ding you is laughing his/her/ ass off. The term ninja'd is usually mixed up with thiefed but the stupid sob that did that is spread across the atlantic ocean....Right now.
Tommy: Hey broski wheres my pencil....and my pants?

Charlie: Holy crap man those were ninja'd off you about a good 3 hours ago!

tommy: awwwwww mannnn!

(cue laugh track)
by Pruney The Transvestite January 15, 2010
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During the 2020 Covid crisis, and after roughly 1.5 months of quarantined groups of people began to ninja people. To be Ninja'd means that someone dropped a wine, whiskey, cannabis or even toys and candy to a random stranger to being cheer during a time of crisis.
I went out and Ninja'd someone today.

Have you been Ninja'd yet?
by Swiper875 May 17, 2020
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